Downtown Clinic


Family size To qualify as a DTC client, annual household income must be less than 138% of federal poverty level If exempt from ACA coverage, annual household income must be less than 200% of f.p.l.
1 $16,242 $23,340
2 $21,983 $31,460
3 $27,724 $39,580
4 $33,465 $47,700
5 $39,205 $55,820
6 $44,946 $63,940
7 $50,687 $72,060
8 $56,428 $80,180

*In monthly income, 138% of federal poverty level or below is about $1300 per person in the household. Payments for unemployment, child support, social security, disability, worker's compensation, scholarships, etc. all are included in income.

Eligibility Guidelines

Downtown Clinic clients must have a household income at 138% of federal poverty level or below (see chart) and no health insurance. Individuals ineligible for, or exempt from, Affordable Care Act insurance coverage may have incomes up to 200% of the federal poverty level.

Individuals who have - or are eligible for - Medicare (Parts A and B) or Medicaid coverage cannot be seen at the Downtown Clinic. This does not include individuals with Medicaid only for emergency services or prescription assistance.

We do not see children (under 19) because if the household qualifies, the children are eligible for Medicaid or KidCareCHIP. Applications for these programs are available at the Downtown Clinic.

Full-time University of Wyoming or WyoTech students cannot be clients because there are health services available at both these schools. LCCC students are eligible.

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